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LJs Journey

Her Goal...

...(and that of her little helper, Gizmo, shown hard at work in the picture) is to make others better.  Helping your business thrive...whether that's through sharing tips, tools and resources to make it easier for you to stay connected to your audiences and build stronger relationships or working with you to develop a plan and implementing it with and for you.

The Path...

According to LJ, there is no right or wrong way to get from where you are...or where you want to be.

Honestly. her path has been a long and winding road...a series of starts and stops.  But, it has been has been challenging...and, according to LJ, she has met the most amazing people along the way! She wouldn't change a thing!

A Peek at the Journey

LJ spent more than 25 years in the corporate world, managing communications, change management and marketing efforts.  She did everything from writing and editing to managing merger communications and working with a team to implement good change management training, consulting,  and executive coaching.  This was also the beginning of her public speaking career.

The Journey continued...after leaving the corporate world, LJ started her own business, "Too Young To Retire-MN." This opportunity gave her the chance to see individuals return to dreams and goals that they had years ago...and learn that they could actually accomplish them!  Her reward came when she saw the looks on their faces, when they learned they could do things they never imagined, and live their bonus years to the  max.  Her clients found they could enjoy some of their best years ever during this phase of their lives. This was a challenging, but very fulfilling period in her life. it happened.  Lj  had a kidney transplant in 2014  and moved to another state, all in one year.  That meant it was time to reassess her business opportunity in a new light.

Did her own advice help?
Yes...But, did she take her own advice?  Well, not exactly.  She didn't really transition easily and quickly to her "What's next."  (You know the old shoemaker's children story!)  But, these changes did give her some time to figure out how to use her knowledge and skills in a different way and combine a couple of her passions to come up with a business she loves! we are today!

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